Computer Application Book Class 9

Computer Application Book Class 9, Sumita Arora book PDF

Books are the backbone for students and teachers also. Books help to grow a human being. but In Student life purchasing all books can’t affordable to everyone. Maybe if any student wants to try Computer Application Book by Sumita Arora, can get pdf link here.

Computer Application Book Class 9 by Sumita Arora –

Dapat rai publication provides this book on Amazon, Flipkart. Download this book google drive formate and write your query below in the comment section. The link for downloading this book is given below. Computer Science is the future of the world.

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Chapter No.Name
 1Computer System
2Types of Hardware
3Types of Software
4Basics of Operating System
5Computer Networking, Multimedia Basics
6Cyber Safety Writer -1 Writer -2
9Presentation tool: OO Impress
10Spreadsheet Tool: OO Chic-I
11Spreadsheet Tool: OO Comic -II
12Scratch Programming -1
13Introducing python

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About This book –

In today’s world, you cannot even think of a course/field that does not use information technology directly or indirectly. The CBSE syllabus of subjects ‘COMPUTER APPLICATIONS’ for classes IX and X keeps this in mind. Thus, it becomes very important for the students to grasp these concepts as these are going to act as the foundation stones in the next classes. This book promises to lay the foundation of the I.T concepts strongly by

  • Presenting matter in well laid out visual style
  • Present important terms, Texts, and definitions in a distinctive manner.
  • Providing lots of multiple-choice questions
  • It covers the concepts covered along with lots of solved problems
  • Providing practice assignments in the form of theoretical and application-oriented questions.

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