Indian Air Force New Aircraft List – Latest Aircraft And Their Specialty

We all know the importance of the air force for a country. Aircraft are the backbone of the air force of a country. Through this blog post, you will know about the Indian air force’s new aircraft list means aircraft that the Indian air force uses in past, using in the present, and aircraft IAF will add to use in the future.

Indian Air Force New Aircraft List

The air arm of the Indian Armed Forces is known as Indian Air Force (IAF). Its complement of personnel and aircraft assets ranks fourth amongst the air forces of the world. Its primary mission is to secure Indian airspace and to conduct aerial warfare during armed conflict.

Indian air force New Aircraft List –

it was officially established on 8 October 1932 as an auxiliary air force of the British Empire which honored India’s aviation service during World War second with the prefix Royal.

After India gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1947, the name of the Royal Indian Air force was kept and served in the name of the dominion of India. With the government’s transition to a Republic in 1950, the prefix Royal was removed. The motto of the Indian Air Force is “Touch the Sky with Glory”.

Aircraft List used by Indian Air Force in Past –


  • HAWKER HURRICANE made by a British company hawker aircraft limited.
  • HAWKER HURRICANE was inducted by the Indian air force in 1942 but due to some reasons, it was retired in 1945.


  • HAWKER TEMPEST II is a British-origin single-engine aircraft.
  • it is also known as typhoon 2.
  • HAWKER TEMPEST II is the fastest propellor drone aircraft in the era of world war two.
  • it was inducted by the Indian air force in 1945 and was retired in 1955.


  • SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE was a single-site interceptor category aircraft.
  • it was made by an aviation company in Britain known as Supermarine.
  • its last fleet was retired in 1959.
  • IAF used this for many purposes like fighter recognizance, photo recognizance, and training purposes.


  • de-HAVILLAND VAMPIRE is also a British-originated fighter aircraft.
  • it was made by DeHavilland English electric company.
  • it the first variant F3 with the number only three inducted by IAF.
  • After all its many other variants are also inducted by IAF like night fighter NF10,  fighter bomber FB52, night fighter 54 in decad of 1950.


  • DASSAULT ORGAN/TOOFANI was a french fighter bomber aircraft made by the Dassault Aviation company of France.
  • this aircraft was inducted by IAF in 1953 and retired in 1967.


  • DASSAULT MYSTERE IV is also a french fighter bomber aircraft made by the Dassault Aviation company of France.
  • it is the first transonic aircraft of the French airforce.
  • it was inducted by IAF in the year 1957 and Retire in the year 1973.


  • HAWKER HUNTER is also a transonic but British fighter jet.
  • it was made by British company Hawkers Siddeley.
  • its first prototype makes a world record in the year 1953.
  • after IAF inducts some other variants of this like T66 and F56 in their fleet to many many other roles in the year 1957. its last jet was retired by IAF in the year 1992.

8- SUKHOI SU-7 –

  • SUKHOI SU-7 was a swat-wing supersonic aircraft made by the soviet union.
  • it was made as a low-level dogfighter.
  • IAF was inducted in the year1968 and retired in the year 1986.


  • HAL AJEET is jet-powered fighter aircraft made in India by Hindustan aeronautics limited.
  • it was the derivative of British fighter Jet Fluentgrid.
  • it was inducted in the year 1977 and retired in 1991.

10- MIG-23-

  • MIG-23 is swing-wing fighter aircraft of the era of the soviet union.
  • it is the first beyond-visual-range missile capable aircraft of the soviet union.
  • The variant of this aircraft MIG-23BN and MIG-23MF was inducted by IAF in the year 1982 and in the year 2009 IAF retired its last aircraft.

11- MIG-27-

  • MIG-27 is also a Swing wing ground attack fighter aircraft of the Soviet era.
  • it is manufactured in India as a name Bahadur by license of the soviet union.
  • it was inducted in the year 1985 in IAf and retired recently in the year 2019.

List of Aircraft used by Indian Air Force

12- MIG-21-

  • MIG-21 is a  supersonic and interceptor category aircraft developed in the soviet union era.
  • it has the largest supersonic jet producing record.
  • Due to the highest accidents and the casualties of pilots, it is also known as flying Coffin or widowmaker.


  • SEPECAT JAGUAR is an anglo-french attack aircraft.
  • it is made by a joint venture of the united kingdom and France.
  • Indian airforce is using its IM and IS variant upgraded version.
  • Currently, IAF has 118 units.

14- MIG-29-

  • MIG-29 is also a Russian-made aircraft introduced by Russia in the year 1982.
  • it is a twin-engine multi-role jet fighter that is capable of many types of air-to-surface attacks.
  • IAF has its 65 units in their fleet and IAF also has ordered it 21 units more.
  • IAF also has inducted its upgraded version UPG.
  • Indian Navy also using it as its naval variant MIG-29K.

15- SUKHOI SU-30-

  • SUKHOI SU-30 is a twin-engine Super maneuverable Aircraft.
  • it is introduced by Russia in the year 1996.
  • It is a multi-role fighter capable in the air to air, air-to-deep surface attack in any weather condition.
  • IAF has inducted its upgraded version MKI in their fleet.
  • its 272 unit has been delivered to IAF by Russia and in which 261 units are operational.
  • It is also known as a flanker due to its maneuverability.

16- HAL Tejas MK-1

  • HAL Tejas MK-1 is an Indian single-engine, fourth-generation multi-role light fighter aircraft.
  • it is designed by a collaboration of Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) and Aircraft Research And Design Center (ARDC) and manufactured with Hindustan Aironics Limited (HAL).
  • IAF has been inducted its 18 unit in their service and also have ordered 22 units of this aircraft.

17- MIRAGE-2000- 

  • MIRAGE-2000 is a multirole, single-engine, fourth-generation fighter aircraft.
  • It is manufactured by the Dassault Aviation company of France.
  • MIRAGE-2000 has its first flight on 10 March 1978.
  • it was introduced in July 1984.
  • IAF has it its two variant 2000-H and 2000-I in their fleet.
  • Currently, IAF has 45 units.


  • DASSAULT RAFALE is a twin-engine 4.5 generation fighter jet.
  • it is a delta wing, multirole fighter aircraft made by Dassault Aviation of France.
  • this is aircraft equipped with a variety of weapons.
  • Capable in air supremacy, ariel recompense, antiseptic strike, ground support, interdiction, and nuclear deterrence.
  • IAF has introduced this aircraft on 10 Sep 2020.
  • Currently, 8 units of this aircraft have been officially introduced by IAF
  • IAF has also ordered 28 more units.

All IAF future aircraft Programs –

the Indian air force has been undergoing a modernization program to replace and upgrade its aging and outdated equipment.

since the late 1990 to advance standards for that reason it has started procuring and developing aircraft for weapons-associated technologies and infrastructures. some of these programs date back to late 1980.

the primary focus of current modernization and upgrades are to replace aircraft purchase from the soviet union that currently form the backbone of the
air force.

1- IMRH (Indian Multi-Role Helicopter)

  • The preliminary design of  IMRH has been taken up to meet the requirement of the Indian defense
  • the IMRH has been conceived for performing various missions including troop transport, combat search, and rescue, VIP transport, ground, and offshore operations, air-ambulance casualty evacuation, and cargo carriage including underslung loads.
  • According to HAL, the proposed helicopter can lift double the capacity that is currently available using its duo advanced light helicopter which falls within the 5-ton class.
  • it is capable of flying at altitudes of up to 20000 feet. while transporting either a maximum of 24 personnel or a payload of 3500 kilograms.


  • it is an autonomous stealthy Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle.
  • it is being developed by the DRDO for the Indian air force.
  • the design work on the UCAV is to be carried out by the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA).
  • the UCAV will be capable of releasing missile bombs and precision-guided munitions.
  • the ADA describes the UCAV as a self-defending high-speed reconnaissance UAV with weapon firing capability.
  • the UCAV will cruise at medium altitude and will be capable of carrying two or more guided strike weapons with onboard sensors for targeting and weapon guidance.


  • the Hindustan aeronautics limited has designed the next generation fighter trainer supersonic Omni-roll trainer aircraft which will act as India’s first lead-in fighter trainer.
  • the supersonic Omni-roll trainer aircraft will be fully combat-capable so it can be used in actual combat if and when required by the Indian air force.
  • the Indian air force is looking to procure 40 to 50 sport based on its final procurement plans once the prototype is evaluated.

4-AMCA (Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft)

  • this is a program to develop a fifth-generation fighter aircraft.
  • AMCA will be a single-seat, twin-engine, stealth all-weather, multi-role fighter aircraft.
  • the initial design of the AMCA was a tailless delta wing aircraft with twin engines.
  • it featured a delta wing configuration that was altered in design 3809 similar to the f-22.
  • india’s air force chief has said that AMCA will have six-generation characteristics.
  • it will perform air superiority, ground attack, bombing, interception strike, and other types of roles. it combines super crew stealth, advanced AESA radar, super maneuverability, data fusion, and advanced avionics to overcome and suppress previous generation fighter aircraft along with many ground and maritime defenses.

5-ORCA (Omni roll combat aircraft)-

  • the ORCA (Omni roll combat aircraft) is a concept to design and develop a twin-engine Omni-world fighter of the RAFALE category.
  • the design of the Omni-roll combat aircraft was being studied as of 2020.
  • it is primarily designed for the Indian Navy which will feature a folding wind configuration.
  • this combat aircraft will feature diverse less supersonic inlet air intakes just like the one seen in the united states fighter the f-35 lightning 2.
  • ORCA will have 13 heart points which are 2 more than what is seen in the medium-weight fighter and 5 more hardpoints than LCA Tejas mk1 and mk1a.

6-HAL LUH(light utility helicopter)-

  • the HAL light utility helicopter is a three-ton class highly agile new generation light helicopter.
  • the LUH will be capable of accommodating a maximum of two pilots and six passengers, all of which shall be seated on crash-worthy seats externally and it is capable of carrying cargoes up to
    one ton underslung.
  • According to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, it possesses a cruise speed of 235 kilometers per hour, a maximum speed of 260 kilometers per hour, a service ceiling of up to 6.5 kilometers, and a range of 350 kilometers.
  • the LUH will be able to undertake various missions including emergency medical services, troop transport, utilities search and rescue, VVIP, aerial reconnaissance, and surveillance missions.


  • HAL UNMANNED WINGMAN  is an armed stealth drone to hit high-value
    enemy targets.
  • it is designed to carry out MUMT operations.
  • the first flight is expected by 2020 and induction by 2029.
  • the unmanned wingman will be the first line of offense and operations against heavily defended integrated air defense networks.
  • Each drone will initially be armed with a single precision-guided weapon such as an air-to-surface missile or laser-guided bomb.
  • future versions of the platform will also be able to fire air-to-air missiles to target enemy fighters.


  • HAL is designing and developing AI-powered stealthy autonomous swarm drones known as alpha s in collaboration with a private firm in Bangalore.
  • All the work will be completed in two years and the first flight is expected by 2022.
  • the alpha swarming drones will have two folding wings.
  • they will be fitted inside canisters mounted under the wings of IAF aircraft.


  • it is to include digital radar warning receivers, an external ECM pod, and a self-protection jammer AESA radar.
  • ease of maintenance and improvements in avionics aerodynamics radar signature long-range BVR missiles, and advanced electronic warfare to jam enemy radars and missiles along with multi-tasking capability.
  • It is manufactured by HAL (Hindustan Aeronautical Limited).


  • TEJAS MK II is a medium-weight fighter that is planned as a single-engine delta-wing multi-role fighter manufactured by HAL for the IAF.
  • the TEJAS MK II is being designed to replace multiple strike fighters like the super cat jaguar, Dassault Mirage 2000, and MIG-29 of IAF.
  • it has a tailless compound delta-wing configuration with a single vertical stabilizer with closed coupled cannons to provide static instability and high maneuverability.
  • It is equipped with flyby wire systems to control instability.

Indian Air Force Aircraft List has been taken from online sources. Most of the information we take from the official website of the Indian Air Force.

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