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physicswallahalakhpandey is a famous teacher among the students. he specially teaches physics to students preparing for jee and neet. he is one of the high-rated physics teachers among the students preparing for competitive examinations. in this article, we are going to provide you physicswallahalakhpandey notes pdf handwritten notes.

physicswallahalakhpandey notes pdf handwritten notes

physicswallahalakhpandey is currently running PW company. which basically an online coaching institute. his main aim is to provide quality education to students at affordable fees. he started his career as a YouTuber. currently, he has more than 5 million subscribers on youtube. Alakh Pandey is providing quality education in many languages across India and neighboring countries.

So more information about physics wallah you can get on youtube. here our focus is to provide you with notes pdf. so we are going to provide typed notes of physicswallahalakhpandey here. other notes basically handwritten notes you can get from another article link will be given below.

physicswallahalakhpandey notes pdf Class XI

chapter 1Physical World Open PDF
chapter 2MeasurementOpen PDF
chapter 3KinematicsOpen PDF
chapter 4Laws of MotionOpen PDF
chapter 5Work, Energy, and PowerOpen PDF
chapter 6The motion of the System of Particles
and Rigid Body
Open PDF
chapter 7GravitationOpen PDF
chapter 8Properties of Bulk MatterOpen PDF
chapter 9ThermodynamicsOpen PDF
chapter 10Kinetic TheoryOpen PDF
chapter 11Oscillations and WavesOpen PDF

physicswallahalakhpandey notes pdf Class XII

chapter 1Electric Charges and Fields Open PDF
chapter 2Electrostatic Potential and CapacitanceOpen PDF
chapter 3Current ElectricityOpen PDF
chapter 4Moving Charges and MagnetismOpen PDF
chapter 5Magnetism and MatterOpen PDF
chapter 6Electromagnetic InductionOpen PDF
chapter 7Alternating CurrentOpen PDF
chapter 8Electromagnetic WavesOpen PDF
chapter 9Ray Optics and Optical InstrumentsOpen PDF
chapter 10Wave OpticsOpen PDF
chapter 11Dual Nature of Radiation and MatterOpen PDF
chapter 12Atoms Open PDF
chapter 13Nuclei Open PDF
chapter 14Semiconductor Electronics Open PDF
chapter 15Communication Systems Open PDF

Note: How to Get PDF

here we are going to provide you telegram channel link where you can download all the notes.

Class 11 physics wallah typed notes : Click here

Class 12 physics wallah notes: click here

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www physicswallahalakhpandey com was official website of physicswallah.  official website of physicswallah have been changed. currently official website of physicswallah is .


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