S chand Chemistry Class 10 Pdf Free Downlaod

Theory Portion of NCERT book is given in very short and to the point. Ncert books are boring too. Hello friends though this blog post we are going to provide S chand Chemistry Class 10 Pdf Free Download. If you want to download the pdf of the book you can scroll down to get the pdf link.
In this article, we will discuss in detail what is the specialty of this book and what changes it has the power to bring in a student’s education. Friends, at the end of the article, we will also provide you a PDF of this book so that you do not have to wander here and there.
 S chand Chemistry Class 10 Pdf Free Downlaod
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Lakhmir Singh S chand Chemistry Class 10 Pdf Free Download

 S chand Chemistry Class 10 Pdf Free Downlaod is a reference book. The theory of this book is given in so detail that anyone can understand it very well. The language of the book is also so simple and easy that it helps the student to get concepts of chemistry easily.
S Chand Chemistry Book is suggested by many board toppers and teachers with high experience. It has a lot of problems. Students get everything in this book. This is the reason why they do not need any other kind of book apart from this to get good marks in the exam. If it is done correctly, then every student should have this book.
If a student thinks that he can understand by reading NCERT books at once, then it is not so easy. This book is a repository of questions asked in previous years in the CBSE Board and other State Boards. Which proves to be a boon for the students.

Features of the book Of the S Chand Chemistry Class 10 book 

In this section of the blog post, we are going to discuss the Pros and Cons of the S chand Chemistry Class 10 Pdf Free Downlaod.


  • Friends, the theory is given in the book is given in great detail.
  • Also, different colors have been used in the book. This color distinguishes important concepts and definitions from normal theory.
  • Friends, real-life examples have been taken to explain the theory. And real pictures were also used extensively.
  • The article given in the book is clear and has been shown in very easy language.
  • Friends, after each topic, the same stock of questions related to it is given. In which very short answer type questions, short answer type questions, and long answer type questions, multiple-choice questions, and questions based on high order thinking skills also called HOTS are given.
  • Along with this, the answers to all these types of questions are given on the same. So that the reader does not have to turn the page again and again to see the answer.
  • Friends, with so many questions, sample problems are also given in the middle of the theory. At the end of the chapter, you will get a detailed answer to all the questions of NCERT. Along with this, you are given value-based questions that are sure to appear in the board exams.


  • Friends, some topics in the book which do not require much detailed description are also given. Due to this, the time of the students is wasted.
  • Friends, some standards and definitions have been given in the book different from the NCERT book. If you come by writing them in the board exam then your chances of deducting your marks increase because the answer of NCERT book is given maximum value.
  • At the same time, this book is not suitable for those students who sit for reading fifteen days before the exam. And those students should also not turn to this book, who have the ability to understand the theory given in NCERT. They should use this book only for practicing questions.
  • Friends, the price of this book is also high, which is not possible for all the students to buy it.

The Chapter Covered in the S Chand Chemistry Class 10th

friends, in this section we are going to discuss how many chapters chand chemistry class 10th pdf have. we are also going to provide the information about how many and what topic from each chapter s chand chemistry class 10th book is covering.

S.N.Chapter NameTopic Covered in the Chapter
1Chemical Reaction And Equation
  • Chemical Reaction Involve Chemical Changes
  • Formation of new substances by the rearrangement of atoms;
  • Characteristics of chemical reaction
  • Evolution of a Fas formation of a Precipitate, Change in Color, Change in Temperature, and Change in State
  • Balanced Chemical Equations and Unbalanced Chemical Equations
  • Balancing of Chemical Equation to Satisfy the law of Conservation of Mass in Chemical Reactions
  • To Make Chemical Equation More informative: by Indicating the Physical states of reactants and Products in the equation (Solid, Liquid, Aqueous Solution, and Gas), by Indicating the heat Changes in the Equation (Exothermic Reaction and Endothermic reaction). and by Indicating the Conditions Under which the Reaction Takes place (Heat, Catalyst, Pressure, and Temperature),
  • Important Examples on the writing of balanced Chemical Equations
  • Types of Chemical reaction: Combination Reaction, Decomposition reactions, displacement reaction, Double displacement Reaction, and Oxidation and reduction Reaction
  • Oxidizing Agents and Reducing Agents
  • The user of Decomposition Reactions
  • Decomposition Reaction in Our Body ‘
  • Effects Of Oxidation Reaction In everyday Life
  • corrosion of metals and Rancidity of food
  • prevention of Rancidity of food: Adding anti-oxidants, packaging in Nitrogen Gas, Keeping in a Refrigerator, String in Air – Tight Containers, and Away from Light
2Acids, Bases, And SaltsTypes of compounds: Acids, Bases, and Salts; Indicators for Testing Acids and Bases: Dyes Which Change Colour in Acids and Bases; Acid-base Indicators: Litmus, Methyl Orange, Phenolphthalein, Turmeric Red Cabbage Extract, and Olfactory indicators, Acids: Mineral Acids and ORaganic Acids; strong acids and weak acids, concentrated acids and dilute acids; diluting Acids; Properties of Acids,
3Metals And Non- Metals
4Carbon And Its Compounds
5Periodic Classification Of Elements
  • Dobereiner’s Triads: Limitation of Doereiners’s Classification of  elements;
  • Newlands law of Octaves


Friends, we have discussed the features of this book and what can be its disadvantages. Friends, if you want the PDF of the book, then below is the link of its PDF in the section of important links. Download the PDF of the book and focus on studying. So that you can get good marks and make your future bright. Friends, if you want, you can pin our blog and give us feedback by making a comment.

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